Maximizing your Time

Gmail Summary simplifies email management by automatically categorizing and sorting emails into important and non-important groups, as well as organizing them by topics. Users can configure the frequency of email briefing generation for a more personalized experience.

New Extention

Unique on the market


Configurable frequency of report generation, allowing daily, weekly, or monthly email briefings..


Organizes emails by topics such as finance, bills, and culture for efficient browsing.


Automatically sorts emails into important and non-important groups for easy prioritization.

Effortless Email Management: Stay Organized, Informed, and in Control

Stay on top of your emails with the effortless email management provided by our extension. Organize your inbox, stay informed about important updates, and maintain control over your communications. Our smart categorization and customizable briefing features simplify email processing, leaving you more time for what truly matters. Try our extension and experience the future of email management today

What does Gmail Summary offer?



The extension streamlines the process of reviewing emails, enabling users to focus on important messages and reduce email clutter. By automatically categorizing and summarizing the content of their inbox, users can efficiently manage their email correspondence without the need to sift through countless messages individually.



The extension allows users to configure their preferences, including report frequency and content filters, for a tailored experience. This adaptability ensures that users receive briefings and reports that align with their specific needs and interests, ultimately making their email management experience more personal and efficient.



The extension implements OAuth2 authentication and adheres to all relevant legal requirements, ensuring the safety and privacy of users’ Gmail accounts. By prioritizing security, users can trust that their sensitive information is protected and can confidently utilize the extension’s features to enhance their email management experience.